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Enterprise Risk Management

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“Enterprise risk management can enhance your company’s value by reducing variability and improving decision-making.”

Lorie Graham, Senior Vice President and Chief Risk Officer

A Commitment to Robust ERM

Enterprise risk management includes the process, controls, and culture that we have in place to continuously enhance our risk management capabilities in a complex and ever changing environment. Managing strategic uncertainty requires discipline and a thorough understanding of the key assumptions that underlie our strategies. Monitoring and adapting to changes in our environment can help us to make sure those assumptions continue to be valid over time. AmericanAg® offers a variety of enterprise risk management services, tools, and resources exclusively for our Farm Bureau® clients.

Farm Bureau® Insurance Company Services

AmericanAg® can assist in developing an enterprise risk management program that fits your organization’s needs. We offer the following services:

  • Development of enterprise risk management policy
  • Risk indentification
  • Risk evaluation
  • Risk monitoring
  • Risk response strategies
  • Linking risk and organizational strategy
  • Emerging exposures
  • Risk appetite and risk tolerance
  • Embedding risk awareness
  • Own Risk Solvency Assessment

Join us at one of our quarterly AmericanAg® ERM Forums to discuss timely ERM topics and network with other Farm Bureau® experts

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