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Personal Cyber Coverage

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Personal Cyber Coverage

Protecting Homeowners from Common Cyber Threats

Modern home environments offer many potential entry points for cybercriminals, including personal computers and mobile devices.


5.1 million identity theft and fraud reports were filed in 2022.

At least 422 million individuals were impacted by data breaches in 2022, primarily due to cyberattacks.

More than 1 in 6 high schoolers reported being cyberbullied in the last year.

Personal Cyber Coverage from AmericanAgTM

If your policyholders fall victim to a cyber-related incident, Personal Cyber Coverage from AmericanAgTM can help you protect them from the impact.

This turnkey endorsement attaches to homeowners policies and provides reimbursement coverage for expenses related to some of today’s most common cyber exposures, including identity theft, cyber extortion, cyberbullying, and cyber fraud. Support services from the specialists at Cyberscout, a TransUnion brand, are built in to provide guidance and peace of mind to policyholders.

Personal Cyber Coverage is competitive in scope and affordably priced. It can be customized for your proprietary forms and easily embedded on all homeowners policies.

Coverage Highlights

Subject to its terms, the Personal Cyber Coverage endorsement from AmericanAgTM offers the following coverages:

Identity Theft Expenses

Provides reimbursement coverage for the insured’s expenses directly arising from an identity theft event, including Legal and Regulatory Expense, Notification Expense, Professional Care Expense, and Lost Wages

Cyber Extortion Expenses

Reimburses the insured for pre-approved expenses they incur for payment to the party responsible for a cyber extortion event

Data Breach Event Response Expenses

Reimburses the insured for the reasonable and necessary expenses they incur from a data breach event, including Legal and Regulatory Expense, Notification Expense, and Impacted Individual Services Expense

Cyberbullying Event Expenses

Reimburses the insured for expenses they incur from a cyberbullying event, including those for Counseling Services, Professional Information Technology and Security Forensic Investigation Services, Lost Wages, Relocation Expenses, and Tutoring Expenses

Cyber Fraud Event Expenses

Reimburses the insured for their direct financial loss resulting directly from a cyber fraud event

What to Expect from AmericanAgTM

Personal Cyber Coverage is easy to implement and comes backed by the full service and resources of AmericanAgTM.


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