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Property Catastrophe Reinsurance Products

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Property Catastrophe Reinsurance Products

Per Occurrence Catastrophe

The Per Occurrence Catastrophe treaty protects the primary insurer from an accumulation of retained losses that arise from a single catastrophic event.

Catastrophe Aggregate

The Catastrophe Aggregate treaty provides protection to the primary insurer from an accumulation of retained event losses that exceed a specified threshold during the treaty term.

Supplemental Overlying Cover (SOC)

The SOC treaty provides coverage for two or more Farm Bureau® companies with non-correlated exposures to gain significant cost efficiency at the very top end of their catastrophe programs.

Over Other Protections (OOPS)

OOPS is a shared cover created exclusively for catastrophe clients of AmericanAgTM. OOPS is a time-tested and innovative vehicle for Farm Bureau® companies to purchase high attachment point protection from a high quality, established panel of reinsurers for less than stand-alone coverage can be purchased.

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