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Farm Connection is a resource that provides comprehensive knowledge about farm trends and products through research and collaboration. American Ag’s objective is to continuously enhance our clients’ understanding of farming and farm exposures.


Farm Pollution Liability Coverage

This turnkey product from American Ag is designed to eliminate coverage gaps. Companies can choose from two primary farm pollution products: Limited Farm Pollution Incident Coverage Part and the stand-alone Farm Pollution Liability Coverage Form. Flexible and affordable reinsurance solutions from American Ag are available for both.

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Cyber Coverage

American Ag’s Cyber Coverage allows companies to protect their farm/ranch and small business policyholders from some of today’s most common cyber exposures – data breach, cyber extortion, and identity theft. This customizable and competitive turnkey product includes policy forms and applications, underwriting guidelines, primary pricing, reinsurance, filing assistance, and education and training for underwriting, claims, and agents.

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American Ag’s Farm Pollution Products

H.R. 2170, titled “Flood and Agriculture Risk Management Cost Reduction Act of 2017,” proposes some changes to the way that agricultural structures are treated in the NFIP. The bill intends to provide benefits to and alleviate burdens from the insured farmer.

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Farm Glossary

A listing of common farm
terms and their meanings

AMERICAN AG FARM COURSES (only available to Farm Bureau® clients)

Farm Bureau® clients, click here to learn more about becoming a certified AAIC AgAdvisor.

Emerging Issues

Farm labor, farm technology, Internet of Things, robotics, precision farming, sensor technology, GMOs, marijuana/industrial hemp, and more…

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Farm Resources

Farm education, legal, research, statistics, agritourism, and more…

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Farm Safety

Farm safety, risk management, emergency preparedness, and more…

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