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A Word From Our Customers

“We use AAIC as our reinsurer because we trust their knowledge and their ability to help us create the best reinsurance program for our needs. They add value to our organization through their cat modeling program, BCAR analysis, ERM, emerging issue research, and much more. We know that we can always count on AAIC to provide expertise in situations in which we have questions, and we take full advantage of them as an available resource to Idaho Farm Bureau.

AAIC not only has top notch services and products, but they have closely worked with Farm Bureau® insurance companies for many years. By nature we are involved in a lot of the same decisions and practices, attend the same meetings, and communicate at a more thoughtful level. This helps us build a better and deeper relationship. AAIC takes care of us, and we are proud to have them as our reinsurer.”

– Paul Roberts, Idaho Farm Bureau Executive Vice President and CEO

Paul Roberts
Al Barnett

“At Georgia Farm Bureau, we appreciate the Farm Bureau® specific reinsurance products and perspective that AAIC offers. They know what to emphasize and what positive features of our company are important to our success. Being a part of the Farm Bureau® family is important to us, and we appreciate the work AAIC does to tie the entire network of Farm Bureau® insurance companies together.

Using strategy, hard work, and their decades of reinsurance knowledge, AAIC focuses on bringing value to Georgia Farm Bureau, which we consider an essential quality in a reinsurance partner. They truly have a genuine interest in our success and are supportive of all our goals. We are proud to be a partner of AAIC.”

– Al Barnett, Georgia Farm Bureau General Manager

“I really enjoy working with AAIC. They are professional, thorough, and solution oriented. The actuarial team has been particularly innovative, with the exposure intensity index and quota share treaty. AAIC’s entire team is always willing to present us with a variety of options and ideas.”

– Dan Bleak, Vice President of Analytics and Development, Mountain West Farm Bureau

Dan Bleak
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