A Word From Our Customers

“One of our corporate goals the past few years has been to become the leading writer in small business insurance in Tennessee. As we began to design our new BOP product for Guidewire, we turned to AmericanAg for their help and expertise. AmericanAg exceeded our expectations and provided the knowledge necessary to make decisions as we moved into the development stage of the project.”

“I would like to thank AmericanAg for the assistance they provided following the tornados that hit on March 3rd. By 6:00 am, AmericanAg was providing our team with storm tracking and development data that allowed us to make decisions regarding overall impact and staffing needs before our people were on the ground. It’s that type of response and relationship we have with AmericanAg that truly defines what a partnership should look like.”

– Jeff Pannell, CEO, Farm Bureau of Tennessee

“As our organization has continued to grow and expand, we have turned to the staff at American Agricultural Insurance Company to assist us with determining the impact of our growth on our reinsurance premiums. In addition, the AmericanAg staff has provided deterministic hail studies we have utilized in our AM Best and reinsurance presentations. We have also found that during a catastrophe, when cash flow is critical, AmericanAg is always the first to step up and begin submitting payments so that we can assist our policyholders in their time of need.”

– Jim Alexander, President and CEO, Nodak Insurance Company

“When our group decided to take a look at consolidating our property cat programs for the enterprise, we turned to AmericanAg for help and advice. What we got was a willing partner that provided really well thought out ideas and options, extensive analytics, and practical guidance we could trust, knowing they were always looking out for our best interests.

In addition to providing solutions for all of our reinsurance programs, AmericanAg has been very helpful in the development of insurance products, such as pollution and cyber coverage for our new Farm policy.

They truly are our trusted partner.”

– Richard Sims, Senior VP – Chief Operating Officer, Southern Farm Bureau

“I really enjoy working with AmericanAg. They are professional, thorough, and solution oriented. The actuarial team has been particularly innovative, with the exposure intensity index and quota share treaty. AmericanAg’s entire team is always willing to present us with a variety of options and ideas.”

– Dan Bleak, Vice President of Analytics and Development, Mountain West Farm Bureau

“Our relationship with AmericanAg goes back over 30 years, to when their Broker Assumed division was part of Nationwide. They’ve been a great partner from the very beginning, thanks to the way their employees really understand the needs of our business.

“We had been working with AmericanAg on reinsuring property for credit unions, but our relationship has expanded into other areas. We are pleased with this expansion and look forward to continuing to grow our partnership.”

– Anthony Phillips, Chairman, Willis Re Latin America & Caribbean 

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