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Member Affiliations

RAA (Reinsurance Association of America)
The RAA is committed to promoting a regulatory environment that ensures the industry remains globally competitive and financially robust.

IBHS (Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety)
The Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety’s mission is to conduct objective, scientific research to identify and promote effective actions that strengthen homes, businesses, and communities against natural disasters and other causes of loss.

IRUA, Inc. (Intermediaries & Reinsurance Underwriters Association)
The IRUA is a not-for-profit corporation, organized for the purposes of reinsurance education, networking and research, and the dissemination of information relevant to the reinsurance industry.

ICMIF (International Cooperative and Mutual Insurance Federation)
The International Cooperative and Mutual Insurance Federation (ICMIF) is a long-established and unique global trade association representing more than 220 cooperative and mutual insurers from over 70 countries worldwide.

NAMIC (National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies)
NAMIC strengthens and supports its members and the mutual property/casualty insurance industry by its leadership in advocacy, public policy, public affairs, and member services.

APCI (American Property Casualty Insurance Association)
APCI is the nation’s premier property casualty trade association, representing more than 1,000 member companies. Its purpose is to advocate its members’ public policy positions at the state and federal levels and to provide its members with targeted industry information.

III (Insurance Information Institute)
The Insurance Information Institute is a U.S. industry organization which exists “to improve public understanding of insurance — what it does and how it works.”

Illinois Chamber of Commerce
Illinois Chamber of Commerce, or The Illinois State Chamber of Commerce, is a state lobbying group representing the interests of many businesses of all sizes across the state of Illinois.

SBA (Schaumburg Business Association)
The SBA aims to improve the quality of life and economic vitality of the Schaumburg area. They connect their members to each other and to the community and serve as the primary advocate for businesses in the region.

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