American Agricultural Insurance Company Announces New Logo and Branding

American Agricultural Insurance Company Announces New Logo and Branding

Schaumburg, Ill – August 25, 2020 —

American Agricultural Insurance Company, a global provider of reinsurance services, announced a rebrand aimed at aligning the company’s image with its current mission, vision, and role in the marketplace.

The company will now refer to itself as AmericanAg, a name that honors its roots as a reinsurance provider for the Farm Bureau® insurance companies, while its new tagline – “Reinsuring your world” – points to its growing presence in the broader domestic and international reinsurance marketplace.

Janet Katz, Executive Vice President and CEO of AmericanAg, said, “By refreshing our brand image, we’re providing clarity on who we are and what we do – which is create value for clients around the world through long-term relationships, innovative reinsurance solutions, and exceptional service.”

The company’s new logo is meant to embody their innovative approach to reinsurance. The medium-weight typeface suggests both stability and nimbleness, and the two circular layers of dots hint at a globe while creating feelings of radiating energy and a bright tomorrow.

”Our new brand is fresh and modern,” said Katherine Aguirre, Director of Marketing. “It represents who we are today and also positions AmericanAg for the future.”


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