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Intercompany Cat Adjuster Overview

Designation Overview

The Intercompany Cat Adjuster (ICA) designation is designed to identify adjusters who are prepared to handle the large, complex property claims resulting from a catastrophe event.

The designation is recognized throughout the family of Farm Bureau® insurance companies and is achieved through documented experience and demonstrated skill.

Why Earn the ICA Designation?

  • It can serve as a personal goal and professional development opportunity
  • It may lead to more challenging assignments when assigned to catastrophe event
  • It will result in higher per-day storm compensation per diem when working a catastrophe event for a participating Farm Bureau® company as part of the ICA Assistance Program


Applicants must meet the following prerequisites:

  • General Claims Experience – At least three years of experience in handling and estimating property losses with a Farm Bureau® insurance company.
  • Major Property Loss Claims Experience – Participation in three major property loss events with a Farm Bureau® insurance company. A major property loss event is defined as an influx of claims that requires the bringing in of other adjusters to handle the situation. The major property loss event can be in your territory, as long as other adjusters were called upon to assist. The event must have lasted for a period of ten days or more.

The designation process has two parts:

  • An online qualifying exam administered by Farm Bureau® Tech.
  • Submission of sample estimates that demonstrate your ability to recognize damages to a building’s major structural components and apply the necessary repair techniques.

All applicants work with a sponsoring manager. Applications and submissions are reviewed by the ICA Review Board, a committee of property specialists from throughout the Farm Bureau® family of companies.

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